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Durrty Dav: Ep. 3 – Bad Advice – Comedy Time

Durrty Dav has some bad advice for Stanley when it comes to the opposite sex.


It’s your boy Durrty Dav! I am the man that can fix any and ALL of your relationships. You can catch me doing my thang giving relationship advice, cuz not only am I a advice genius ya’ll, I’m funny as hell too! Oh, and I can’t forget about all those pretty ladies out there, your boy is a Ladies Man, I repeat a Ladies Man! I can’t help it ya’ll, it’s the BOOTY, it talks to me! Check me out, I’m a cool dude with a funny personality, add your boy and let’s chop it up! In this video I advice a skinny white boy on how to
come on to the sexy lady at the front desk. See how my advice works out for the skimpy fella. I’m sure he’s
happy that he took my advice. For your ladies out there, this is lova-boy approved!

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