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Becoming a ComedyTime advertising partner is easy and the best way to reach out to hundreds of thousands of viewers per month.

For interest in advertising, please contact us at immediately at

Our advertising options include:


Links are the most efficient and cost effective way to place your product. They may have up to 90 characters and are placed in boxes in the right sidebar. We can even visualize your text with adding a small logo.


Banners have a high impact and offer an excellent, customizable way to showcase your product, business or services with a high click-through rate. We even provide the opportunity to use rich media ads (incl. video) in various sizes and forms.

We offer the following sizes:

– 120 x 125 button right sidebar

– 468 x 90 under the article

– 728 x 90 banner above the header

– 300 x 250 within editorial or right sidebar

– 120 x 600 right sidebar

Other sizes are negotiable!


Please contact us for more details about Sponsorships.

Why advertise with ComedyTime


* Tap into today’s participatory new media to generate positive word of mouth about your business. We work with new Trends like RSS and Online Video on a daily base -we follow and participate in future trends!

* Today’s consumers don’t just want to watch television and movies, they want to participate in the discussion. Have your brand be visible on our site where this kind of interactive participation is happening.

* Multi-faceted partner network both nationally and internationally to extend the reach of your advertising messages.

* Our videos are professionally produced by us and copyrighted by us, so no unprofessional, amateur or illegal content.

The result: high click-through rates for your ads and a positive spotlight for your company & product!

Please simply send an email to us at (Please include full contact information and primary campaign goals). Thanks!